SalesLogix Lets You Sell More, Sell Faster, 
Sell Smarter And Gets You To Your
Next Level of E-Business . . . Now!

With our fully integrated CRM suite of products your sales, marketing and support teams get everything they need to target, close and retain customers for life. 

Would you like to stay ahead of your competition?  You’ll need a sales team that has more time for selling – one that uses SalesLogix!  The busier they are, the better they’ll like it.

Do you want to put your marketing dollars where they belong?  With SalesLogix you can manage campaigns from start to finish, improve customer loyalty and track the secrets of your success.

Want to know how you can turn on new selling channels? Try integrating SalesLogix with your website, partners and support staff and see a big change.

Think your business is too specialized?  We tailor CRM solutions to your unique needs.  Many companies have already installed industry-specific customizations of SalesLogix. Call us at 636-537-3322 to find out about yours.

Are we missing something you need?  Ask us about getting Add-On-Power to make your SalesLogix solution work in overdrive.

Want to know how to get your sales team off to a running start? Good training for every user is the only way to make that happen. We recommend one day of SalesLogix training for all users initially (even the computer savvy ones), to be following by another day in the next few months. It is especially important the System Administrator receive system management training. 

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