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ACT! Consultants

When you are ready to take ACT! to its full potential, you need the services of our ACT! Certified Consultants.  Selltech’s ACCs provide front-line, fee-based support with training, installation and implementation services.  ACCs are required to meet comprehensive training and testing guidelines.  We are independent contractors uniquely qualified to deliver the highest standard of service, customized to meet the distinct needs of your organization.

SELLTECH  provides consulting for new or established ACT! clients.  Working as your business partner we can develop an efficient and effective sales process for your team or help your group maximize the full potential of your existing system. We can:

  • Analyze the entire operating environment, including existing processes, hardware and software, and client needs.

  • Provide requirements document, project plan and cost statement.

  • Select ACT! software, add-on software and necessary hardware to complete the project.

  • Customize ACT! to fit your needs.

  • Install and integrate hardware and software to assure ease of use.

  • Convert your existing database to ACT!

  • Synchronize all field and home office data.

  • Train client’s entire staff including end users and systems administrators to take ACT! to its full potential.

  • Support the implementation through the critical first 90 days.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the business solution with the client on a regular basis.

  • Continue support, training, consultation or file maintenance as needs grow and change.

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